The Wet and Wonderful UK

Since arriving in Edinburgh on July 20, we’ve been making our way south along the eastern coast of the UK. For the first few days our route took us through some grassy sheep pastures, which was slow riding, but we were rewarded with some beautiful views of the ocean from the lush green cliffs. On Day 2 we came to a gate at the end of a sheep pasture and noticed a small plaque which let us know that we were crossing from Scotland into England. 

When we left Zagreb it was 36 degrees, so we were looking forward to some cooler weather. We got it! It’s rather chilly here, and the damp weather has taken some getting used to. On Day 3 it poured with rain all morning, and we only rode 30 km before deciding to call it a day. We found a campground in a small town, which had laundry facilities next door. We put all our clothes in a dryer and spent the afternoon in a little tea shop. 

On Day 4 the weather stayed relatively dry for most of the day. It was only when we arrived in the town of Blyth that it started to rain again. We already knew that there were no campgrounds in this area, so we wandered around town for a bit looking for a cheap place to stay. I peeked into a pub, which looked like it might have rooms upstairs, and a local man pointed us in the direction of The Seahorse, another pub which did a bed & breakfast for a reasonable price. We ordered pizza, dried out our tent, and watched movies on TV. 


Day 5 we had no rain! We spent most of the day on dirt and gravel paths, which made things slow, but it was very nice to be dry. On Day 6 we got back on paved roads, but found ourselves in a very hilly landscape. The hills were short but steep, passing through small villages and lots of sheep farms. We ate a whole apple pie for lunch and pushed through to Whitby.

In Whitby we took a day off. We climbed the 199 steps up to an old church, surrounded by a graveyard with lots of very old headstones. We sat in a tea room and caught up on e-mails, and then found a book store (we love wandering through bookstores, but up until now, we haven’t been in English-speaking countries, so this was a real treat!). For lunch we decided to try out one of the many fish-and-chip shops lining the harbor. 



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