The Hills are Alive… and Currywurst 

Much like Canada, Austria seems to be a mish-mash of many cultures. It’s been affected by the many different groups that border Austria, so it’s hard to nail down a specific Austrian thing. The only thing that comes to mind is the Alps (like in “The Sound of Music”), but we’ve been avoiding the Alps ever since Montpellier, so we didn’t even see them. Lots of hills though.  

Me, wishing I was on that motorcycle.

Vienna was lovely, but very touristy. Mozart’s face is on everything. When we get to major cities, we’ve generally looked for ONE thing that we want to do. Usually it’s not the biggest or most obvious tourist attraction. For the past 2.5 months we’ve moved to a new place every day, and we’re finding that we’re inundated with new things to see and experience all the time. When we get to a big city, we don’t feel that we have the energy to take it all in. 

A bike bridge! Which hangs underneath the car bridge.

Vienna was the same. Rather than visiting one of the many large galleries or musems, we settled on a museum that highlighted the work of Hundertvasser. His work is not necessarily my favorite, but he had lots of interesting ideas about creativity and environmentalism. He didn’t like grids, and so his architecture has lots of uneven floors, bright colors, and trees on the roof.  The museum also had a special exhibit of Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky. 

Hundertvasser Village

The other highlight from Vienna was currywurst. Basically a sausage, with curry powder and mustard, with a piece of bread. So good. 


Since leaving Vienna we’ve been travelling roughly south, and we’ve dipped in and out of Hungary a couple of times as we follow the border. Somewhere along the way we hit 5000 km on the odometer. The campgrounds are surprisingly very expensive in this area. They all seem to be on a lake, with a resort atmosphere, so they are charging for the right to use the beach facilities as well, which we don’t usually get to take advantage of. Oh well. 

Somewhere in Slovenia

Tonight we’re camped in Ptuj, Slovenia, and next we’re headed for Zagreb, Croatia, where we’ve booked an AirBnB for 5 whole nights. We’re really looking forward to staying put and getting to know the place a bit. I didn’t know a single thing about Zabreb, outside of the fact that it’s on the Ticket to Ride map, but apparently it was rated Best in Europe 2017, by Lonely Planet, so we’re looking forward to discovering the city.

My hair is getting a little out of hand these days.


One thought on “The Hills are Alive… and Currywurst 

  1. Hello kids,
    Chantel I thought your hair looked great, then I read your message. Too funny!
    Mine and Lindsey’s Croatian hairdresser is coming tomorrow(Saturday), I will find out all I can about this Z…, and report back.


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