A Red Castle, a Whiskey Bar, and a Can of Liver Stew

We’ve spent the past 4 days riding southeast from Prague, and today we crossed the border in Austria. Back in the land of German-speakers, the Euro, and expensive groceries. I don’t yet know anything about Austria, but it feels a bit like Germany, so it’s kind of familiar. I shall do some research tonight to find out the basics of Austria, but for now, here’s some thoughts on Czech. 

What we loved:

Campgrounds – In Germany and France we encountered a lot of other bike tourists, but they were 95% retired people, out for a week-long holiday. In the campgrounds we were usually the youngest people around by about 30 years. In Czech, the campgrounds were more low key, and had more young people and families. A couple of campgrounds were next to a river, and were full of rafting/kayaking groups. We also saw firepits in campgrounds, for the first time since arriving in Europe. 

The View – The Czech countryside is breaktaking. Wide open fields with gentle rolling hills, and tons of forests. It feels so big. The roads were generally really quiet and we rode through lots of picturesque little towns. One day we had our lunch at this little red castle. 

Tabor – On Day 2 out of Prague, it rained the ENTIRE day. We’ve ridden in the rain before, but only for an hour or two before either we or the rain decide to call it quits. But on this day, it was fairly warm, so we just kept riding, staying soggy all day. We arrived in the charming city of Tabor and found ourselves a cheap guesthouse. Turns out it had a bit of an American theme (think cowboys and indians… it was a bit weird) and also a whiskey bar downstairs. We ate our supper in a nice restaurant, and then sampled some whiskey before bed. And it was totally affordable because Czech is nice and cheap!

What we did not love:

The Food – Unlike the other countries we’ve visited so far Czech does not seem to have figured out how to do bread or pastries. The grocery stores don’t have the same selection that we’re used to. One night, we ended up in a town with only a very small store. We bought a couple cans of what we thought was beef stew…. but the meat turned out to be liver. Worst meal yet! We did not eat very much. And on top of all this, we’re thinking we must have had food poisoning last week in Prague. 

Evil Liver Stew.

Coffee Lemonade! I liked it. Tim did not.

Overall… we like Czech! We would go back for sure, and maybe just budget for more restaurants. Now I should probably go learn something about Austria. Happy Canada Day to everyone at home!


3 thoughts on “A Red Castle, a Whiskey Bar, and a Can of Liver Stew

  1. Too funny…..evil liver stew!! Mmmmm I love liver, but not sure eating it our of a can!! I will cook delicious liver and onions, mashed potatoes gravy for you when you come home – I may even throw in some bacon!!


  2. Thnks for taking us along on your journey, just glad we didn’t have to sample some of the food.
    Can’t believe you are on the down side of your trip. Six weeks and you will be back among us!
    We pray for you every day to be well and safe!
    Nana & grandad


  3. Thanks for the update. Can’t you point your phone at a can of liver and have your phone beep if it’s crowd-rated as tasty and squawk if it’s not? What a tidy little castle! Red, why red? Goes with green? Have fun, thinking of you. – Aiden


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