From Germany to Czech, and Being Sick in Prague

We left Frankfurt over a week ago now, and we headed East across Germany. We followed the Main River, and the route was flat, but winding. We rode for 4 days, had a break day in a small town that had a nice beach, and then rode another 4 days before arriving in Prague, in the Czech Republic. 

Some highlights from the past week:

  • In Bayreuth, there was no campground, so we decided to treat ourselves. We stayed in a guesthouse, and had sushi in the mall for supper. 
  • The next night we stayed in a town right before the Czech border, which didn’t have a grocery store. We went to a pub and a local guy invited us to sit with him. We were eventually joined by a whole table full of locals, none of whom spoke any English. So we didn’t say too much, but we enjoyed our schnitzel anyway. 
  • Tim has been pointing out lots of cherry trees lately. We finally stopped to climb a tree and pick some – they were delicious. 

A few weeks ago, I definitely noticed the switch from French to German, which made things a bit more complicated. But at least some German words still make sense to an English speaker. Moving from German to Czech has been another layer of difficult. Nothing looks like an English word. Fortunately we’ve encoutered English speakers at the campgrounds, and surprisingly alot of the food packaging in the grocery stores is in English. We’re also dealing with a new currency here, so we’re doing lots of math. 

We planned to take 2 days off in Prague (a treat, since we normally only take one break day). I wish I could describe all the wonderful things that we did and saw, but honestly we mostly slept. The morning after we arrived, Tim started to be sick. The campground we were in was not very nice (a large group of teenagers arrived first thing in the morning and put their tents about 2 feet from ours) and we knew there was another campground up the road so we decided to pack up and move. After getting set up again, and spending a few lazy hours in the new campground, Tim was not much better, but was mostly sleeping, so I decided to go downtown by myself for a short bike ride. I zipped through the touristy areas (although zipped is maybe not the right word because the streets were absolutely packed with tourists!) and took a few pictures before deciding to head back to the campground to make some supper. 

On the ride home I started to feel nauseous…

We both spent the rest of the night being sick. I won’t go into details, but it was a really terrible night. Fortunately the campground guy was super nice, and he let us stay in one of the hostel rooms which had a private bathroom, so that we didn’t need to sleep in our tent. We spent yesterday recovering, sleeping, and finally eating. Today we are starting to regain our strength and appetite, and we rode our bikes to the nearest grocery store to get some breakfast. Tonight we’ll move back to our tent, and tomorrow we will be on our way, probably a short day, mostly just getting through the city. 

So Prague has not been the most wonderful experience, but I’m glad I got to see a tiny bit of it. We’re both ready to move on – perhaps we’ll have better luck in Vienna. 


4 thoughts on “From Germany to Czech, and Being Sick in Prague

  1. I’m so sorry you were sick, but so glad you have “rounded the corner”. I apologize I haven’t written, I devour each post and am so excited to read of each adventure and view each picture.
    The last post I wrote a very eloquent, hilarious, and informative narrative. At least it seemed that way to me, and then………poof!………gone. I was so annoyed, I had every intention of returning and writing again, but well you know what happens. So for now, I write a bit, then copy, write a bit more, then copy. I’m sure there is a much smarter way to do it, but this should work. Just know I am so enjoying travelling with you on your journey.
    The picture titled Winehaeven is deceiving, on closer examination, it doesn’t seem to me, to have anything at all to do with wine! I wonder if the lady at the well realized she was being photographed?
    In my last attempt I was telling you a bit about Mitch, Tim. Chantel, he is my son. Anyway, this week is his last at the academy and July 5th he starts his field training. So for 5 months, he will be riding along with a training officer, going to calls as a police officer. He is so excited, says he can hardly wait. His first placement will be covering Elmwood/transcona/Windsor Park all the way to St. Vital. Pretty large area, I imagine it will be busy.
    The weather is not very summery here, the other morning it was 4 degrees!
    Your Mum is is coming to visit today, so better get ready.
    I pray no more sickness, I pray for safety and blessings galore along the way.
    Love Cheryl


  2. Who’s the lady with the pink hair sitting at the fountain?! Sounds like quite the adventure you guys are having. Hope you’re feeling better soon!


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